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Thanks to the creative and skillful expertise of Marina Brodskaya, the founder and owner of Global Getaways, you can live your travel dreams while saving yourself money and avoiding stress.

Most of us can agree that traveling means more than just going from Point A to Point B. We crave the meaningful, precious experiences that lie in between, just waiting to be discovered. These experiences make our journeys worthwhile. The problem that some of us face, however, is that we travel and return, but have nothing to remember or cherish. Nothing to make us feel like we actually left our own homes and went someplace special. Please do not let this be you, that is why we exist.

Here at Global Getaways Travel, we are committed to ensuring that your travel experiences are exactly that: experiences. Points in your life when your senses were stimulated, your knowledge expanded, or your emotions exulted. Whether you go on a fun family vacation to enjoy a theme park or a romantic getaway "a deux" to enjoy each other, we can make it worthwhile. That means less stress for you and more time to do what you really want. So let Global Getaways be the Point A on your journey, and we'll take you the rest of the way!What many people fail to understand about making travel arrangements is that while Internet bargain sites may look simple and trustworthy, there are often things between the lines that they are not seeing. All the fine print, exceptions, restrictions, and exclusions that come with these services are not only confusing, but can also be pricey. This is where your travel professionals can help you! No secrets or surprises!

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